Tutorial 08 – Fire Chair


  • rick

    Oct 13, 2013 - Reply

    Great tutorial, thanks, hoping for more on this topic…

    • BW

      Oct 13, 2013 - Reply

      You’re welcome. There’s definitely more coming… My social media links are on the home page if you’d like to keep updated.

  • Loay Emad

    Oct 16, 2013 - Reply

    Man, your tutorials are so cool! :)
    Thanks a lot

    • BW

      Oct 16, 2013 - Reply

      No prob mate! glad you enjoy

  • VeryCG

    Oct 17, 2013 - Reply

    Your tutorials is very nice! Your are supper man!很给力!我怎么不能download?why?

  • N.ataie

    Oct 25, 2013 - Reply

    thanks a lot

  • Xanti Rodriguez

    Nov 5, 2013 - Reply

    Wow, i didn´t know about this amazing site, the tutorials are definetively FirstClass and your knowledge sharing is soo cool and wellcome, great job man and keep sharing your art.

    A Big Hello.


    • BW

      Nov 5, 2013 - Reply

      Thanks for the kind words & you’re very welcome. Glad I could help ;)

  • mamed

    Dec 20, 2013 - Reply

    You´re genius for 2 reasons: their creativity and humility to providing the tutorials … how about a tutorial of the opening of the game Call Of Duty Ghost?? tks man.God bless u.

    • BW

      Dec 20, 2013 - Reply

      Thanks very much. I just watched the opening to ghosts… Very nice. May be a bit advanced for me though ;)

  • goldenbeer

    Dec 22, 2013 - Reply

    awesome mate…you were working on v1.0 right?…and i also want to know something since i am new to this plug in…am trying to burn a christmas tree for some specific project of mine…and the caching only is taking a lot of time…is that okay??

  • NLdestinyX

    Mar 24, 2014 - Reply

    Can you help me?
    All the particles are just filling the Container and the are blue, so no Fire shaders are applied.
    But i don’t know how to fix it,
    I’m using v1.0 for c4d (obviously :-P)

    Thanks in advance,

  • Greg

    Apr 12, 2014 - Reply

    I plan to watch all your TFD tutorials as they are thin on the ground on the Net and these are easily the best I have found. Really appreciate your effort with all the detailed explanation.

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